Shira, Chef de Village!

Shira, the new Chef de Village!

Shira has been working in Club Med for more than 10 years.

She started in Lindeman Island (now closed), a Club Med resort which we visited often since 1993, shortly after it opened, and for her it turned out to be a dream job!

For over 10 years, Shira has been working for this hotel chain all over the world: Brasil, Indonesia, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China and Turkey, amongst others!
Shira has become fluent in French and Portuguese and has picked up basic phrases in most other languages she has faced in her career!

As time went by, Shira moved up and fulfilled jobs such as reception manager, VTC (Village Training Coordinator), Project Coordinator and Assistant General Manager.

By December 2017 Shira had applied for the top job of 'Chef de Village' (General Manager) and was sent to a special course together with another 27 candidates.
A tense two months went by as she waited impatiently for the results: Would she be one of the few chosen for the job vacancies?
On one occasion as I spoke to her on Skype, I asked if she had any news, and was told "Dad, if my application gets approved, you will probably know before me, as it is a Club Med tradition for the parents to make the announcement."

Another week passed and Shira was told that she would know her fate on the following Thursday.
That Sunday I got a call from Shira's boss, asking me to keep it as a secret, and yes, Shira had made it!
"If it is possible, can you be here to make the announcement? I can understand it is short notice, but if you cannot come by Wednesday night, we would appreciate if you can record a video message in which you announce that Shira is the newest Chief of Village", he said

Nearly without hesitation, I responded "I am coming!"
At 9am the following morning I went to my travel agent where the following conversation took place:

  • "I need you to book me on a flight to Geneva (which is the nearest airport to the resort)
  • "Sure, for when?
  • "Today!!!
That night, at 10PM I was on a plane!

I arrived on Monday morning. The taxi driver that was sent to pick me up from Geneva airport called the resort 5 minutes before our arrival, I was smuggled inside while somebody else distracted Shira away from her office as her window faced the entrance to the resort.
I was hidden in a room for a day and a half, with food being brought to the room. The boy bringing the food must have thought I was crazy! Why would a guest want to eat in the room when there is such an amazing buffet in the dining room?

Wednesday night came along and the Chef de Village had his day off, so Shira was in charge of being the MC and main dancer for that night's performance.
I was smuggled into the sound room, and could watch part of her performances and her being in charge of the show.
When the show was about to end, they shut down her microphone and immediately showed a video taken earlier that day whereby I formally announced that she had been chosen as Chief of Village

The announcement

Another video with a speech by one of the main managers of Club Med in Europe followed, and then the Chief of Village hugged Shira and told her in French:

"Just before we move to the next room to celebrate with champagne, I have a little surprise for you."

This was my cue to appear with a gigantic sign with "Shira - Chief of Village" written on it.
The following video shows the moment Shira realised that the person coming down the stairs towards her was her dad, and how she just could not stop hugging me. What a proud moment that was!!!

Shira and Daniel holding sign
The surprise!
A more complete video taken at a different angle
Sonia and Zoe spend the weekend with us
Another bonus from that trip is that my niece Sonia who was currently living in Spain with her then 3-year-old daughter Zoe, came over to meet us for the weekend.
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By Mickey Sanders from Denver
Date: 2021-11-22

I had the pleasure of staying at Shira's property in November 2021. She was so unassuming I had no idea she was COV.
She made our stay extremely pleasant.
I would highly recommend this property to anyone visiting TCI.

By Esther Green from Sydney
Date: 2019-03-01

Overflowing love, pride and happiness. The BEST surprise ever. So well deserved Shira. I still have tears when I see this beautiful moment, totally priceless between dad and his beautiful daughter. xxxxxx

By Michael Abadi from Charlotte, NC (USA)
Date: 2019-02-25

What a Dad!
Mazal Tov to Shira as well

By Maoz Maylat from Israel
Date: 2019-02-24

Great accomplishment, and what a wonderful way to celebrate!!!
Thank you so much for sharing,
hugs and kisses :-)

By Lisete from Haifa
Date: 2019-02-23

What a fantastic prize you earned Shira and the description and videos by Daniel brought tears to my eyes! Mazal Tov and congratulations to you and your family.

By Jennifer from Israel
Date: 2019-02-23

Wonderful - this is the crown for all those years of hard work Shira, Mazal Tov and best wishes for the future.

By Peta from Israel
Date: 2019-02-23

Wow fantastic!
What a great story - thanks for sharing it. x

By Steven from melbourne Australia
Date: 2019-02-22

Mazel-tov! Well done Shira. You earned it!

By Bette from Israel
Date: 2019-02-22

How exciting. Mazel tov Shira

By Benita from Madrid (Spain)
Date: 2019-02-22

Muchas gracias por compartir estos momentos tan emotivos y felices.