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The year 2006

This was quite an eventful year!
The day we all waited for such a long time finally arrived! Eitan had his Bar-Mitzvah celebration!
Shira also achieved a significant date: she had her 18th Birthday and now is officially allowed to do all those things that she has been doing anyway!

Shira completed year 12. She did quite well in Hospitality and in Drama. She now wants to have a break from studying and hopefully will find a permanent job soon while she sorts out what it is that she really wants to do. Driving her own car with her newly acquired driving license is on the top of her priorities!

Eitan continues growing in three directions and is a very pleasant young man. He will be starting Year 8 at Masada High School this year. He is taking active interest in various forms of sports. We have both joined a gym nearby. He bought a new computer with his Bar-Mitzvah money and continues his interests in the newest games and game-machines. He is well liked by his peers and makes friends easily.

My Dad is still active both physicallly and mentally. He has recently completed writing his memoirs, and together we built his webpage which can be reached here. As usual, he continues being the world traveller, returning to China to show Claudia the nice places I visited with him a year ago. He is now planning his next trip to Italy where he will have a good chance at teaching the Italians their own language! 

Claudia is also doing well, enjoying her dancing lessons and other activities. Her daughter Sonia works in Canberra for the CSIRO. Click here to see more information about Sonia's latest project!
Claudia's son Richard had an unfortunate accident while driving intercity on his motorcycle when a kangaroo suddenly jumped into his path. Although we are all happy that there were no major consequences, his middle finger required surgery and it will take some time until he recovers.

Sylvia and I are still enjoying each other's company, it is now a year since we started going out together, which we celebrated with a one week trip by car to Brisbane to visit her son and daughter in law who moved there recently. On the way we stopped to visit lots of friends, as well as at the famous country music festival in Tamworth

We were fortunate to be able to have Shelly, (the daughter of my first girl friend, Zahava, back in Colombia) to come to visit us. Shelly now lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland. She came with her husband Noam, her sister Shaked and later on Noam's mother and partner. And of course also their baby daughter Kesem, with her magical smily face. In short: I had a full house here!

In my last entry to this blog, I wrote about the difficulties my company, Flair, was having. Unfortunately that prediction materialised and Flair has gone out of business... And I have lost my source of income...

For the time being, I have started my own company, Dabas Software Solutions. Should you know anybody that can use my services, please make them aware of my new website: http://dabas.net.au!
It will be hard to start from scratch again, but the prospect of working from home is also quite appealing, as opposed to the 80KM a day of commuting I was doing before. I have not yet closed the door to finding employment either. Since I am between jobs, if nothing concrete materialises soon, a trip around the world looks like a very attractive proposition! 

Finally, here are pictures from Eitan's Bar-Mitzvah!

Eitan the Bar-Mitzvah boy!
Shira, the Master of Ceremonies!
Family pictures
Pictures of Sylvia
Guests to the event
Aspects of the Party

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